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Grocery List

  • Egg
  • Sesame or peanut oil
  • Savoy, napa or green cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Low-sodium vegetable stock
  • Low-sodium soy sauce
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Cilantro

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To make your own stock, simply simmer roasted carrots, celery, onion, scallion and garlic in water with parsley, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns and salt.

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December 1, 2015  |  Issue #585

Asian Savoy Cabbage and
Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Skillet Chicken with Kale

Winter Mushroom Soup

In this warming soup, hearty vegetable stock is infused with Savoy cabbage and Shiitake mushrooms. Both vegetables are common in Asian cooking and cabbage brings vitamins C and K to each healthy bowl.Savoy cabbage, a member of the cruciferous family, contains glucosinolates that show promising cancer-protective properties.

Makes 4 Servings.

Per serving: 90 calories, 3.5 g total fat (1 g saturated fat),
12 g carbohydrate, 4 g protein, 4 g dietary fiber, 460 mg sodium.


  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tsp. sesame or peanut oil
  • 1/2 small-medium Savoy, napa or green cabbage, cut lengthwise, cored, sliced in 1/4-inch strips
  • 2 medium-large carrots, cut in 1/4-inch slices
  • 1/2 cup thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms
  • 4 cups low-sodium vegetable stock
  • 2 Tbsp. low-sodium soy sauce
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro, garnish


In small bowl, lightly beat egg. In small skillet, heat oil over low-medium heat. Pour in egg and let evenly coat bottom of skillet. Cook egg until set. Slide egg onto plate. Roll up egg and slice into 1/4-inch rounds and set aside.

In medium saucepan over medium-high heat, add cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, stock, soy sauce and a few grinds of black pepper. Cover pot and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 8-10 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Ladle soup into four warmed soup bowls. Place several egg slices on surface of each bowl. Garnish with cilantro and serve warm.

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