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Healthy Eating

Serving Up Better Health

Eating healthy with a well-balanced diet doesn’t just help you live a healthier life, it will also help you decrease your risk for cancer.

Using Healthy Eating to Lower Cancer Risk

There are several benefits from healthy eating that can have a positive impact on reducing your risk of developing cancer. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, an increase energy for physical activity and a better immune system.

How Does Eating Healthy Reduce Cancer Risk?

Better Nutrition

Start learning about the relationship between nutrition and cancer risk. Discover how everyday dietary decisions can affect your health, and build new healthy eating habits to help manage your risk for cancer.

Healthy Weight

Healthy eating helps in managing your weight, which can play a huge role in minimizing your risk for cancer. Get educated about weight management, and learn how to start eating healthy with small, simple changes that can make big differences in your health.

Take Part in a Healthy Eating Challenge

a dinner plate containing a 3 ounce serving of chicken, with assorted vegetables and the wholegrain quinoa.
10 Weeks to a Healthier You

Healthy10 Challenge

Want to get everyone in the family eating healthier?  Help your household live healthier by signing up for AICR’s new Healthy10 Challenge. This 10-week interactive program will help you develop healthy eating habits and move more! The program was created by a team of AICR’s Registered Dietitians to help you stay engaged and maintain healthy habits through weekly challenges, tips, healthy recipes and other resources.  Over the next 10 weeks focus on improving your diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight for lower cancer risk and better health.

Understand healthy eating

Why is Eating Healthy Important to Reduce Cancer Risk?

Certain foods have the potential to fight cancer. With AICR’s Food Facts library, you can look up your favorite foods and find new, healthy additions for your grocery list. Learn about cancer fighting foods, identify ingredients to have in moderation and get delicious recipes and meal planning ideas to build healthier eating habits and reduce your risk of cancer.

How to eat healthier to lower risk of cancer

Building healthy eating habits by moderating and reducing your intake of certain foods and drinks in your diet can help to reduce your risk of developing cancer. By making simple changes to the amount of red and processed meats, alcohol and sugar you consume everyday, you can make smart choices towards a healthier life.

Reduce Red and Processed Meats

Eating meat can be a good way to get protein, vitamins, and minerals – but too much red meat increases your risk of cancer. Understanding the alternatives and replacing some red meat servings with other protein sources will help you develop healthier meal plans for improved long-term health.

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Reduce Alcohol Intake

While many Americans know that heavy drinking can lead to health problems, awareness is limited regarding the link between alcohol consumption and cancer risk. Even small amounts of alcohol can increase your cancer risk. For cancer prevention: it’s best not to drink.

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sugar and cancer

Moderate Sugar Intake

Eating a diet that is high in sugar can lead to a number of health issues including diabetes, organ problems, and excess weight – all of which can put you at a greater risk for cancer. Learn about the link between sugar and cancer risk, and make healthier decisions about your sugar consumption.

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