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AICR press releases provide the media with practical information related to diet, nutrition and cancer. Releases address updates on research related to diet and cancer and special features focusing on making changes for lower cancer risk.

The AICR Communications Department can also provide background information for stories related to diet and cancer, as well as expert interview sources for stories. Call 1-800-843-8114 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time) for assistance or additional information.

All press materials may be used in any publication without additional permission. Please credit the American Institute for Cancer Research as the source. Members of the Press: Sign up receive AICR news by email.

Recent News from AICR

Pro-Inflammatory Diet Linked to Colorectal Cancer, Poor Metabolic Health
October 31, 2014

New Research Reveals How Survivors of Childhood Cancer Can Stay Healthy
October 30, 2014

Obesity Increases Risk of Certain Breast Tumors Among African American and Hispanic Women
October 30, 2014

Compound in Chili Pepper Slows Lung Cancer Tumor Growth in Animal Study
October 30, 2014

Read All About It: Our Research Conference is Now
October 27, 2014

New Report Highlights Potential Links Between Weight, Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Survival
October 15, 2014

Community Shred Event to Benefit Cancer Research
September 26, 2014

Mark Your Calendars for the AICR Research Conference, October 29 – 31
September 24, 2014

Cancer Research Charity Unveils Refreshed Look, New Risk Awareness Site
September 11, 2014

High School Students Win AICR Scholarships for Healthy Small-Plate Recipes
May 19, 2014

Voters Select Champion Cancer-Preventive Dish in AICR’s Recipe March Madness
March 18, 2014

Major New Report Now Links Body Weight to Ovarian Cancer
March 11, 2014

PROSHRED And The American Institute For Cancer Research Announce Exciting New Partnership
February 11, 2014

Experts Fight “Myth-Information” With New Estimates of Preventable Cancers
February 4, 2014

Experts Fight “Myth-Information” With New Estimates of Preventable Cancers
February 4, 2014

New Survey: Over a Third of Americans Unaware Activity Reduces Cancer Risk
February 4, 2014

Meet the Challenge: 12 Weeks to a Leaner, Healthier You
December 17, 2013

Phone Counseling Helps Breast Cancer Survivors to Better Health
November 8, 2013

Infographic: What You Need To Know About Obesity and Cancer
November 8, 2013

Obesity's Impact on Inflammation and Hormone Systems May Offer Keys to Stopping Cancer
November 8, 2013

Increasing Access to Healthier Foods in Poor and Minority Areas Leads to Healthier Eating and Weight Loss
November 8, 2013

The Continuous Update Project: Ongoing Findings on Cancer Prevention
November 7, 2013

Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Avoid Fractures, Bone Loss
November 7, 2013

Pro-Inflammatory Diet Linked to Earlier Death
November 7, 2013

New Research Reveals How to Prepare Foods to Boost Cancer-Fighting Activity
November 7, 2013

Published on September 26, 2014

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