About the Report

The Third Expert Report, Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer: A Global Perspective is AICR’s most comprehensive scientific report to date.

As part of the ongoing Continuous Update Project (CUP), our independent panel of scientists carries out regular systematic analysis of the research from all over the world on the links between diet, weight and physical activity, and cancer prevention and survival. We publish their findings as expert reports.

Building on the First and Second Expert Reports, released in 1997 and 2007, our panel has reviewed the latest evidence from the past decade and developed the most reliable cancer prevention advice currently available. This is summarized in our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

The Recommendations aim to help people make healthy choices in their daily lives to reduce their risk of developing a preventable cancer.

The CUP and Third Expert Report provide policymakers, health professionals, and individuals access to the most up-to date and trustworthy information on how to reduce the risk of cancer.