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August 21, 2015 | 3 minute read

Continental Coffee: Five Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Heather Victoria Photography-Iced Coffee-15

Heather Victoria Photography

How do you like your coffee – black, with milk, sugar or iced? People around the world enjoy coffee – it’s one of the most popular beverages. And, according to the latest AICR/WCRF Continuous Update Reports, coffee lowers risk for endometrial and liver cancers.

AICR recently featured a delicious cold brew coffee recipe, so that inspired me to learn how people around the world consume this beverage. I found a huge variety, both surprising and somewhat familiar. Perhaps these ideas will inspire you to find a new way to prepare your coffee tomorrow morning.

My Coffee Finds:

-Europe: Espresso’s birth place is Europe. It’s often consumed with no dairy or sweetener and served with a slice of lemon or lemon rind. The lemon slice or rind helps to enhance the different notes in the coffee.

-Turkey: Turkish coffee; by far the strongest coffee I have ever tasted! If you are sensitive to caffeine, this is certainly not the cup for you. The strength of this coffee is largely due to the Turkish Coffeecoffee grounds being left in the coffee as you consume it. After being poured in a mug the coffee is left to rest for a couple minutes to allow the grounds to settle. More importantly, you DO NOT drink to the bottom of the glass or you’ll get a mouth full of coffee grounds. With its dark, tar-like appearance, this beverage is usually served sweetened and sipped slowly.

– Spain: The Bombon is a popular coffee drink in the cafes of Spain. The drink is quite simple as it is composed of one part espresso and one part sweetened condensed milk. You can also order it “leche y leche” style, composed of one part espresso and the one part sweetened condensed milk is cut in half with milk.

– Vietnam: Egg Coffee. The egg apparently has no limitations as you can see with this coffee beverage. Described as a warm tiramisu, this is more of a snack than a morning pick me up. For this decadent coffee, egg yolk is whipped until frothy with sugar and sweetened condensed milk. In some cases, cheese is added as well. To compose this beverage, layer equal parts coffee and egg mixture. The treat is served in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm while you drink it.

– New Zealand: If you are an avid Starbucks goer you may have noticed the addition of the “flat white” on a menu near you. This latte-like beverage though new to us, originated in New Zealand, and is also popular in Australia. It is a commonly ordered coffee drink, that similar to a latte, has frothed milk but only a tiny dot of foam on top.

With so many variations available, there is certainly something for everyone. After you try our at home cold brew, be sure to give one of these other options a try and let us know your favorites!

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