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October 11, 2021 | 4 minute read

AICR Conference, from Cutting Edge Cancer Research to Evidence Based Patient Care

This unique multidisciplinary meeting features world-renowned experts sharing the latest on how lifestyle affects cancer research and survivorship.


November 1 marks the start of AICR’s Annual Research Conference and, as in previous years, the meeting features an exciting multidisciplinary range of topics that revolve around lifestyle and cancer prevention and survivorship. This year’s conference will be fully virtual, using an advanced digital platform to bring cutting-edge educational programming and opportunities for attendees to connect.

The meeting runs November 1–3, with satellite sessions scheduled for November 10 and November 17. AICR’s Annual Conference is considered the premier meeting on the intersection of lifestyle and cancer prevention and survivorship.

“The AICR Conference is unique because it is the only conference dedicated exclusively to research on diet, physical activity and cancer. The topics span cancer prevention to survival, laboratory research to clinical and policy applications and provides an opportunity for attendees and presenters to benefit from the insights from all of these diverse perspectives,” said Nigel Brockton, PhD, AICR’s Vice President of Research.

World-renown experts will present the latest research on areas that include immunotherapy, dietary patterns, the tumor microenvironment and exercise for survivors. The conference also includes two wide-ranging poster sessions presenting studies in cancer prevention and survivorship.

Scientists, dietitians, exercise oncologists and numerous other leading experts are expected to attend.

After last year’s conference was cancelled due to Covid-19, the decision to make this year’s meeting fully virtual is one that AICR and all involved prepared for and are welcoming, says Deirdre McGinley-Gieser, AICR’s Executive Vice President. “While you lose the sense of atmosphere and in-person networking virtually, one positive is that the sessions are more accessible to people who cannot travel,” she said. “All sessions are recorded and on-demand, and attendees can structure when they can listen and how.”

“This conference is a long-time in coming and we have an outstanding program. It’s going to be exciting,” she adds.

Research presented will cover cellular to clinical studies, along with case studies that offer strategies in implementation. Topics include:

  • Does having obesity and one’s lifestyle impact cancer immunotherapy treatment?

Advances in the field of immunotherapy have transformed the treatment of several cancers. Yet immunotherapy—using the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells—does not work for many cancers and individuals. In this session, experts will present the latest research on how exercise, diet and obesity may affect cancer immunotherapy treatment.

  • The tumor microenvironment:

A cancer tumor is surrounded by blood vessels, signaling cells and many other molecules that make up what is called its microenvironment. And this microenvironment, scientists are finding, plays a role in either hindering or promoting tumor growth. At the conference, two experts will share recent research about the microenvironment, weight and breast cancer. An expert in exercise and cancer will present research on how exercise may enable a healthier microenvironment that could mitigate tumor growth.

  • What dietary patterns are best for lower cancer risk?

It’s not one food but the pattern of what we eat day in and day out that lowers risk of cancer and other chronic disease, the research shows. Here, experts will discuss the evidence of what dietary patterns work best to lower cancer risk as well as future research in the field.

  • Lifestyle and survivorship: What to tell patients after a cancer diagnosis?

With millions of cancer survivors living long past treatment and that number growing, questions about how lifestyle affects both treatment and survivorship is one that practitioners often get asked. At a satellite session on November 10, four leading experts in the field share the latest research about what cancer practitioners can tell their patients when it comes to eating, exercising and weight control. The panel discussion features evidence related to exercise oncology, targeting obesity for improved outcomes and diet after a cancer diagnosis.

AICR’s Annual Research Conference also offers attendees the opportunity to interact with leading cancer experts. “We have built in lots of opportunities for attendees to interact through our virtual platform with live panel discussions and multiple other ways to pose questions and get involved in discussions,” said Brockton.

For more information on the conference program and how to attend, click here.

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