Learn About Pancreatic Cancer

pancreas in situ

The Continuous Update Project (CUP) 2012 report found that evidence shows carrying excess body fat and abdominal fat is a cause of pancreatic cancer.

The AICR/WCRF CUP analyzed all the relevant global research relating to food, nutrition and physical activity and pancreatic cancer risk.

This is one of the reasons AICR recommends being as lean as possible within the healthy weight range.

How Preventable is Pancreatic Cancer?

AICR/WCRF estimates that being lean can prevent 19 percent of pancreatic cancer cases that occur in the United States every year – or roughly 1 out of every 5.

That’s equivalent to 25 cases a day and approximately 9,300 cases every year that never have to happen, in the United States alone.

Note: Tobacco use is the number one risk factor for pancreatic cancer.



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Preventing Pancreatic Cancer

Read the full CUP Pancreatic Cancer summary report (PDF)