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Stories of Impact

A Friend, Survivor and AICR Benefactor

Rosemary D’Alessandro is a colon cancer survivor, and recently celebrated turning 90 with a big birthday bash. For Rosemary, cancer has seeped into many aspects of her life; although she is a survivor, some of her friends are not. Her dearest friend was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and Rosemary cared for her for four years before cancer ultimately took her friend’s life. Rosemary has witnessed the grief cancer brings, and continues to live her life vivaciously and full of curiosity.

Rosemary is a world-class traveler. Originally from Little Washington, PA, she worked for the FBI for over 13 years in Puerto Rico, Mexico City, and New York, and then for the federal government in Washington, D.C. for eight years. Rosemary’s chosen travel destinations are England, Egypt, the former Yugoslavia and Jordan.

In 1962, Rosemary moved to San Francisco, where she’s lived in the same apartment ever since. She worked there in the Financial Division of Levi Strauss & Co. from 1970 until she retired in 1997.

Rosemary’s desire to stay busy after retirement prompted her to volunteer for five years at a hospital in the oncology department. Her own experience with cancer allowed her to deeply connect and relate to patients going through their own diagnosis.

Now, Rosemary has a dog-sitting business. She loves to entertain her many friends with dinner parties and holiday celebrations. Rosemary persevered in building a full life and continues to participate in activities that bring her joy.

Rosemary deeply understands the importance of movement and prioritizes fitness as an important part of her lifestyle to stay healthy. Although Rosemary has experienced progressive diseases, she ensures to find small ways to keep active, like walking. AICR recommends 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week, which can go a long way in improving health.

She has a passion for tennis and, up until a few years ago, played but unfortunately had to give it up after several operations. For more than 10 years, Rosemary celebrated her birthday by spending three weeks in Palm Springs, California, where she attended the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournaments in March. Although the tournament was canceled for the last two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosemary hopes it will come back next year.

Rosemary has been supporting AICR since 1993. In 1999, she made a large gift from money she received in her retirement package. She also often makes memorial gifts to AICR instead of sending flowers when someone she knows dies of cancer. In 2001, she attended AICR’s Cancer Survivors’ Conference in New York. In addition to generously supporting AICR for nearly 30 years, Rosemary has named AICR to receive a bequest from her trust.

Thank you, Rosemary, for your generous support!

More Stories of Impact

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