The Continuous Update Project (CUP)

The Continuous Update Project (CUP) is WCRF/AICR’s ongoing program to analyze cancer prevention and survival research related to diet, nutrition and physical activity from all over the world.

Central to the CUP is the unique database to which scientific studies are continually added. The database in maintained by a team at Imperial College London, UK. The research for each cancer site is systematically reviewed and analyzed periodically, and an independent panel of experts, the CUP Panel, carries out ongoing evaluations of this evidence. Their findings form the basis of individual CUP reports, our Third Expert Report and AICR’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

CUP Reports and Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs)

CUP reports and systematic literature reviews (SLRs) have been published for the following cancers:

What CUP Conclusions Mean

The CUP Panel’s judgements for each cancer site are summarized in a matrix. 

The criteria for grading evidence to support a judgement of a relationship with cancer is:
Convincing: Strong, consistent and unlikely to change in the future
Probable: Compelling but not quite strong or consistent enough to be “convincing”
Limited Evidence – Suggestive: too limited for a grade of “probable”, but a general consistency in the data
Limited Evidence – No Conclusion: too inconsistent or insufficient for a definitive grade
Substantial Effect on Risk Unlikely: enough evidence to rule out a connection

Read more about the CUP Process here and in Chapter 2: Judging the Evidence, part of the Third Expert Report.