Our Cancer Research Mission

Nearly three decades of AICR-funded research on diet, nutrition and cancer have helped change how we think about cancer.

We now know that around 40% of cancer cases in the US are preventable, and that every individual has the power to reduce his or her cancer risk.

Our continuing commitment to funding and interpreting the science has attracted new investigators to this promising and vital field of cancer research.

AICR Research Grants and Fellowship Programs

We provide funding for research at leading universities, hospitals and research centers throughout the US and abroad.

Grant applications are reviewed by panels consisting of top US researchers; AICR is one of only a few charities with a grant review process that meets the standards of the National Cancer Institute.

Interpreting the Evidence

Interpreting the science is the most critical step in developing guidelines for the public.  Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective, our Third Expert Report, is AICR/WCRF’s most comprehensive scientific report to date.  Building on the First and Second Expert Reports, released in 1997 and 2007, our panel has reviewed the latest evidence from the past decade and developed the most reliable cancer prevention advice currently available.  This is summarized in our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

The Premier Scientific Forum on Diet and Cancer

AICR's Research Conference invites leading scientists, registered dietitians, students and health professionals to a research conference in Washington DC.

Learn more about the AICR Research Conference.