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Fatty Acids, Mitochrondia and Molecular Genetics of Colon Cancer (1994)


Fatty Acids, Mitochrondia and Molecular Genetics of Colon Cancer

Key words:

fiber, short chain fatty acids, APC gene, DCC gene

Research Institution:

Montefiore Medical Center


New York


Leonard H Augenlicht

Project Description:

Dr. Augenlicht continued his investigations on the molecular mechanisms by which dietary fibers reduce the risk for development of colon cancer. He observed that short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) produced by bacteria from dietary fiber in the colon alter the expression of several mitochondrial genes in colonic epithelial cells. Dr. Augenlicht sought determine how two of the major genetic alterations occurring in colonic carcinomas (APC gene and DCC gene) respond to the natural inducers of differentiation, SCFAs and in particular, butyrate.

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