Our Leadership

AICR Board of Directors

  • Melvin Hutson, Chairman
  • Lawrence Pratt, Vice Chairman
  • Susan Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jeffrey Bunn, Attorney
  • Peter McCarty, Financial Representative

AICR Executive and Senior Staff

  • Marilyn Gentry, President
  • Kelly B. Browning, Chief Executive Officer
  • Deirdre McGinley-Gieser, Senior Vice President for Programs
  • Stephenie Lowe, Senior Vice President for Finance
  • Mary Beth Healy, Senior Vice President for Development
  • Nigel Brockton, Director of Research
  • Patricia Bodenstedt, Vice President of Finance
  • Kuo-Wei Wang, Controller
  • Michael McCarn, Director of IT and Web Services
  • Ann O'Malley, Director of Production
  • Brittany L Henderson, Director of Human Resources and Operations
  • Mary Hollander, Director, Board and Executive Program Management