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April 23, 2020 | 4 minute read

To Our Courageous Health-Care Workers, Thank You!

At this very moment, health-care workers are on the frontlines battling COVID-19. In our local hospitals and around the world, they are putting themselves at risk to help others during this unprecedented pandemic. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, technicians, pharmacists and everyone who supports patient care are fighting to save lives, while continuing to care for patients who have other medical conditions. All of us at AICR could not be more grateful for their selflessness and bravery.

We recently reached out to our online community of supporters to ask for their thoughts as well and received an abundance of positive feedback! Here are some of the messages of gratitude you shared with us:

“To all the brave men and women who are in harm’s way, saving and caring for the sick with this COVID- 19, God bless them all.” – Philip 

“To all those that are caring for loved ones that cannot care for themselves, thank you.” – Beverly

“Thank you to all the health care workers working every day to help people fight cancer in the midst of everything and heal.” – Anonymous

“Thank you to all nurses in Emergency Departments and all nurses at Sr. Living Facilities.” – Shirley 

“Thanks to all health care workers, EMS, policemen, fire departments and grocery store workers.” – Karen

“To all those med techs behind the scenes.” – Denise

“I am thanking all health care workers who are on the front lines. Stay strong and know we support you.” – Vadel

“Thanks to all the doctors, nurses and medical workers who risk their lives to help others. They are the real heroes.” – Anonymous

“Thank you to all the medical laboratory persons doing the testing of thousands of specimens, researching new test methods, and researching for a vaccine that has efficacy for COVID-19.” – Mary

“Thanks to my daughter, an RN working, raising 3 kids and pursuing her Masters!” – Donna

“To all medical workers, first responders, military…God bless you all, and keep you safe.” – Charlotte

“Thanks to all of you for your tenacity and bravery during these crazy times!” – Marlene

“To all the compassionate care workers who minister to those of us struggling with cancer, giving us a little more time and a lot more hope. God bless you!” – Anonymous

“Thank you to each and every one of you who put your health and your family’s health at risk by helping your patients during this scary time! I Thank You.” – Ann

“Thank you to all of you in the healthcare field for your hard work and dedication to helping patients suffering from this terrible disease.” – Anonymous

“I want to share my appreciation for all their hard, important work and the sacrifices health care workers make for themselves and their families. It takes a village.” – Anonymous

“This thank you goes to any and all health care workers that are out there day after day. You’re much needed and much appreciated. Stay safe!” – Lori

“Thank you to all nurses, doctors, store workers, police, fire departments and all of those that are helping to get the nation through this horrible time.” – Sue

“To all Medical Staff from the Custodial Workers all the way to the Doctors and Admin and our amazing nurses! I love you all! May God bless and keep you! Thank you for putting up with all you do, and I know it’s a lot!” – Anonymous

“Thank you to the nurses and doctors who are still waiting for protective equipment.” – Laura

“To all those who put their health on the line in the emergency rooms across this country.” – Richard

“Thank you just doesn’t quite cover it. You are deeply appreciated!” – Barb

At AICR, we are also thankful for YOU! Your support is fueling our fight to end cancer by funding groundbreaking research. And we hope that you will continue to utilize our resources and keep our cause in mind during this time. Our work would not be possible without you.

When this troubling time has passed and life returns to our new normal, it is our hope that we all continue this incredible outpour of appreciation for the sacrifices, dedication, commitment and courage that our health-care workers show every day. They deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration – not just in this time of crisis, but always.

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