Getting started

small exercise biking

Find an activity you enjoy:

    • Your activity could be as simple as a daily walk or jog, an exercise video, or a family bike ride. By choosing something you like to do, you're more likely to keep it up
    • Think about an activity you used to enjoy doing - dance, yoga, tennis or swimming. Dust off those shoes or goggles and get reacquainted
    • If you want to try something new, like martial arts or dragon boating, find a local class or organization to get started

    Start where you are:

    • Begin your exercise realistically. If you haven't run for years, start with a few minutes of light running and alternate with a few minutes of walking
    • Gradually add in more minutes and then make it more intense when you're ready
    • Keeping track of your progress can be fun and motivational. Try a fitness tracker and share with friends, or keep your own paper and pencil journal

    Schedule it in:

    • Plan walks or other activities just like you would for appointments or meetings
    • Sign up for a regular class at your local community center or fitness studio
    • Find friends and family members with similar interests and make specific plans to be active together 

    Sneak it in:

    • While you're waiting to meet someone, take a few minutes to walk around the block, or go up and down a few flights of stairs
    •  If you ride public transportation, boost steps by getting off one stop sooner or getting on one stop later
    • At your workplace, walking time can add up - use stairs whenever possible, take the long way to the break room or to a meeting