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March 18, 2016 | 4 minute read

AICR Thanks Yakima Fresh, Other Partners for Support of Awareness Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC – AICR’s 2016 public awareness campaign, Cancer Prevention: Together We Can campaign, reached millions of Americans during Cancer Prevention Month, thanks in large part to the generous support of Yakima Fresh, a partnership of fruit growers, pickers and shippers based in the Northwest U.S.

Yakima Fresh Director of Marketing and Business Steve Flashing visited the AICR office in Washington DC to meet the staff and present a $50,000 check.

AICR CEO Kelly Browning accepted the check and expressed his deep gratitude for Yakima Fresh’s commitment to cancer research. “Our research continues to show that diets high in whole foods — like those grown and produced by Yakima Fresh – help protect against cancer,” said Browning. “All of us at AICR are hugely grateful for this support, which has fueled our 2016 awareness campaign to reach more people than ever.”

yakima apple Kelly
“Kelly Browning accepting campaign support from Steve Flashing.”

AICR also thanks NutriSavings for its campaign support, whose nutrition database and mobile app connect employees’ healthy shopping decisions with financial incentives and educate them on nutritious choices. The campaign owes its success to the many health organizations who joined shared it’s life-saving information.

During the month AICR’s CAN PREVENT public service announcement ran on over 256 television stations and 13 national networks, including CNN, Bravo, Lifetime and FOX News. It aired as often as 2,100 times a week – more than twice as often as the previous year. Traffic to the CAN PREVENT mini-site also doubled 2015 numbers, with over 54,000 visitors coming to the site to find tools and information they can use in lowering cancer risk.

The media played a key role in the campaign, as news of the campaign was picked up by the New York Daily News, Healthline, Newsmax, and over 60 television stations across the country. In all, over 55.7 million Americans learned of the campaign through news reports.

AICR reached over 3 times more people via its own social media channels than it did in 2015, and was delighted to lead a partnership of 30 like-minded organizations, who gave the CAN PREVENT message a huge signal boost by carrying it to their audiences via social media.

“The generous support of Yakima Fresh has helped millions of Americans learn about the research showing that they can take steps to lower their cancer risk,” said Browning. “We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership, one with the real potential to save American lives.”

Overcoming Barriers

AICR estimates that fully one-third of the most common cancers in the US could be prevented if Americans moved more, weighed less and ate more healthfully. That’s about 340,000 cancers every year that never have to happen. Add in not smoking and avoiding sun damage, and that figure climbs even higher – nearly half of US cancers could be prevented by changing our everyday habits.

The Cancer Prevention: Together We Can campaign built upon a new AICR survey asking respondents which cancer-protective changes they’ve already made, and which they have not. The survey reveals the top reasons given for not taking the kind of actions that have been shown to lower cancer risk. A news release and the survey can be found here.

Among the other organizations who joined AICR’s 2016 Cancer Prevention: Together We Can campaign and share it’s life-saving information:
•    The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
•    The American College of Lifestyle Medicine
•    The American College of Preventive Medicine
•    The American Society for Nutrition
•    The Blue Cure Foundation
•    California Walnuts
•    Cancer For College
•    Careers through Culinary Arts Program
•    Cary Medical Center
•    The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
•    Four Seasons Healthcare Consultants
•    Healthy Dining Finder.com
•    The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association
•    Latinas Contra Cancer
•    LessCancer.org
•    Meatless Monday
•    Men’s Health Network
•    Merkle Response Management Group
•    The Obesity Society
•    The James: Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
•    Oldways
•    The Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
•    Pink Aroostook
•    PROShred Security
•    Savor Health
•    The American Pulse Association
•    The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation
•    The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
•    SuperKids Nutrition

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