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January 5, 2017 | 3 minute read

A Ride Toward Cancer Prevention

At 60 years old, Harry Zullo lives a life with no limitations. In September, he began a 3,200 mile bike trip across the United States to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. On November 8, Harry reached his destination in Santa Monica, California. Now, a month after settling down, Harry is still trying to adjust to everyday life in his hometown of Warrenton, Virginia.

“It took a while to get back to normal life. Every now and then I find myself sitting at my desk, daydreaming about being back on the bike,” says Harry.

After completing his journey, Harry describes the end of his route to be a mixture of emotions.

“I thought I would get done and be relieved it was over,” says Harry, “The closer I got, the more I was sorry that it was ending. I wanted more.”

To read more about Harry’s cross-country trip and help him reach his goal
visit his page Cross Country for Cancer.

The only regret Harry takes away is not taking time to explore America more. When asked if he would do it again, he did not hesitate to say yes. In fact, he is already planning his next trips, which include a 500 mile hike through Europe and another cross-country bike ride, this time through the Southern Tier of America.

Harry knows cancer all too well. His parents passed away from cancer and his eldest sister is a breast cancer survivor. Now his brother-in-law is fighting prostate cancer.  This is why he decided to do a bike trip across the country. And it’s why he’s been a monthly donor since 1997.

“My choice of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) as the recipient of the funds I collect was an easy one” Harry states.  “AICR was the first cancer charity to fund research into diet and cancer. Specifically, AICR funds research that explores the effects of food, nutrition, physical activity and body weight on the development, treatment and survival of cancer.”

He stresses the importance of daily physical activity and a healthy diet. For anyone who wants to adventure like he does, he says it is never too late to get started, but recommends knowing one’s limits, planning thoroughly, and being flexible.

To date, Harry has raised more than $7,000 for cancer research thanks to the support of his family and friends!  He believes adventures like his are a great way to not just fundraise, but to live by.

“Nothing is guaranteed in this life, you have to keep moving forward while you can,” he says.

We congratulate Harry on this incredible accomplishment and thank him for all the tremendous work he has done to help the fight against cancer.

Read more about the final moments of his journey on his blog: http://xcountry4cancer.tumblr.com

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