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Cancer-Fighting Pantry Essentials

Pantry Shelves with filled JarsIf you’re like most Americans, you’ve made a resolution to eat more healthfully this year. Whether you want to eat smarter or cook more often, having your pantry filled with healthy food choices can help you start 2015 off on the right foot and stick with your health goals throughout the year.

If your pantry or kitchen cupboards are in need of a redo, follow this checklist to start your healthy New Year.

Your Pantry Redo Checklist

CLEAN out the pantry

  • Remove all the foods in your pantry or cabinets.
  • Toss everything that is stale or dated and those snacks high in sugar or fat with little nutritional value.
  • Give your pantry a sweep, making sure it’s extra clean and ready for all the wonderful things you are going to stock it with.

CREATE a healthy shopping list

  • A variety of whole grains – start with three types you can use to make dinners, such as brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and quinoa
  • Breakfast whole grains such as oatmeal or shredded wheat
  • Canned vegetables – try at least 3 cans of your favorites with low or no added sodium.
  • Beans/legumes like black beans, chickpeas or lentils – canned or dry
  • Nuts, chopped or whole – get your favorite
  • Dried or canned (in light syrup or juice) fruit
  • Canned tuna, salmon or sardines for a quick protein boost for lunch or snack
  • Healthy snacks, such as whole-grain crackers, popcorn or kale chips

ORGANIZE your shelves

  • Use clear containers to help keep everything organized and easily accessible.
  • Organize the shelves so you can see what you have, then before you go to the store, quickly check your inventory to see what you need.
  • Place your new, healthy items in your pantry, with the healthiest up front and within easy reach.
  • Take any of those not so healthy foods you decided to keep (chips, cookies, sugary cereals) and store them in a sealed bin on the highest shelf of your pantry or in the back, out of sight.

BRAG about it

How did you do? We want to see your healthy kitchen! Snap a pic and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then tag and/or share it with us and use #AICR so we can give you a virtual high-five.

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