When you include the American Institute for Cancer Research in your estate plans, you make a major difference in the fight against cancer.

Corporate Champions who partner with the American Institute for Cancer Research stand at the forefront of the fight against cancer

The Continuous Update Project (CUP) is an ongoing program that analyzes global research on how diet, nutrition and physical activity affect cancer risk and survival.

A major milestone in cancer research, the Third Expert Report analyzes and synthesizes the evidence gathered in CUP reports and serves as a vital resource for anyone interested in preventing cancer.

AICR has pushed research to new heights, and has helped thousands of communities better understand the intersection of lifestyle, nutrition, and cancer.

Read real-life accounts of how AICR is changing lives through cancer prevention and survivorship.

We bring a detailed policy framework to our advocacy efforts, and provide lawmakers with the scientific evidence they need to achieve our objectives.

AICR champions research that increases understanding of the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle, and cancer.

AICR is committed to putting what we know about cancer prevention into action. To help you live healthier, we’ve taken the latest research and made 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.


Personalize Your Health and Wellness

Many cancer survivors talk about the challenge of facing a “cliff” after the activity of medical treatment has ended. There’s a new normal to navigate, and new health concerns to consider. Use the Access Code aicr when joining.

To help survivors become proactive about their health, AICR has partnered with the team at Five to Thrive to offer cancer survivors free access to iTHRIVE, an educational tool that offers an integrative approach to health. This online program lets survivors create personalized, physician-approved wellness plans, and turns scientific information into fun, actionable activities.

From Survive to Thrive

iTHRIVE begins by asking you to complete a written questionnaire and lifestyle survey. From there, your answers are used to create a tailored lifestyle program centered around five health pillars.


Explore healthy eating choices, including plant-based meals and unprocessed whole foods.


Learn exercise strategies, get tips on how to reduce inactivity, and start moving more.


Find ways to create a healthy, supportive environment, and make your home part of your healing.


Understand and face whatever stresses you may be dealing with, and replace anxiety with vitality.


Discover ways to experience a value-based life that includes service, laughter, love, and gratitude.

Put Your Plan Into Action

Your plan starts small by offering you a few choices of simple “action steps.” What steps you take and how you move through iTHRIVE is entirely up to you. The program acts as a gentle guide, and allows you to heal and go forward at your own pace.

As you make progress, you can track your accomplishments, and engage with different tasks and steps. The iTHRIVE program is great for both immediate participation and as a long-term health resource.

Angela Hummel, MS, RDN - Certified Specialist Oncology Nutrition

iTHRIVE supports every part of a patient’s life.

From nutrition and physical activity to stress relief, spirituality, and rejuvenation — the program can help you set specific goals, spark changes, and help you heal.

A Helping Hand

Other Programs and Resources

AICR offers you information and resources that can be used through every step of the cancer journey. Our programs, recipes and outreach can help you manage your health through treatment and recovery, and empower you to move confidently into the next chapter of your life.