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Ascorbyl Esters as Antiglioma Agents: Mechanistic Study (1994)


Ascorbyl Esters as Antiglioma Agents: Mechanistic Study

Key words:

glutathione S-transferase, lipoxygenase, glioma

Research Institution:

University of South Florida




Arun P Kulkarni

Project Description:

Dr. Kulkarni found that ascorbyl stearate, vitamin C, is a potent inhibitor of glutathione S-transferase and lipoxygenase, important enzymes for growth and proliferation of glioma (tumor) cells in culture. Screening ascorbyl derivatives as inhibitors of these enzymes in glioma cells in vitro, he sought to identify the most effective compounds for in vivo studies. Dr. Kulkarni�s long-term goal was to identify effective non-toxic therapeutic agents that can minimize drug resistance in tumor cells or act as antiglioma agents.

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