AICR Healthy Kids campaign

About Healthy Kids

One in three adult cancers are preventable. Teaching your child healthy habits is as important as teaching them to cross the street safely.

When you and your kids eat healthy foods and get physically active, you teach them habits that protect them from cancer and other diseases as adults.

Here, you'll find information and activities to help you make the daily simple changes that add up to lower cancer risk for you and your children.

Healthy Kids Today - Prevent Cancer Tomorrow

AICR has also teamed up with SuperKids Nutrition in a campaign to shield your kids against cancer. Healthy Kids Today, Prevent Cancer Tomorrow. With activities, recipes and more, you will find tools to help your kids:

  • Eat Healthier – learn to enjoy whole grains, more fruits and vegetables and other foods filled with nutrients and protective compounds
  • Move More – find out the different types of activities and fun ways to add activity into your child¹s day
  • Stay at a Healthy Weight – challenges and activities that include grocery shopping, reading food labels and cooking will all help your child (and you!) learn habits that will last a lifetime.

Give your kids the best protection. Turn making healthy choices into a family activity.