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May 23, 2018 | 3 minute read

New Recommendations and Tools for Cancer Prevention: Launching Diet and Cancer Report

Today, I am excited to share the release of our latest cancer prevention report, along with ten new recommendations that provide a blueprint to beat cancer.

Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer: A Global Perspective, is such an important report. It is a comprehensive analysis of the global research by independent experts from around the world and covers 17 cancer sites, including colorectal, breast, ovarian and prostate. Findings are based on the data of 51 million people, including 3.5 million cancer cases.

It is a big report – but those 12,000 pages reveal good news that the evidence is stronger and clearer than ever before: we can lower our risk of many cancers through diet, physical activity, body weight and other health-related choices.

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How does your lifestyle stack up against known cancer risks? Visit Cancer Health Check.

Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer reveals patterns as to how lifestyle habits link to increasing and decreasing the risk of developing cancer. Sugary drinks and alcohol, for example, have emerged as factors that increase the risk of several cancers. Whole grains and other healthy foods play a role in lowering risk. The report also includes a section on lifestyle and cancer survivorship, a growing area of research that is one of AICR’s top research priorities.

The report has a powerful message, and one that can prevent hundreds of thousands of cancer cases each year. Evidence now shows that an estimated 40 percent of cancer cases are preventable.

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This report offers the most rigorous and current analysis of the research to date and it forms the basis of our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations – a blueprint to beat cancer. The aim of these Recommendations is to help people make healthy choices in their daily lives to reduce their risk of cancer. It is hard to be perfect – I know! – but it is good to know that any change you make toward meeting the recommendations will go some way in reducing your cancer risk. You also don’t need to worry about skipping that daily workout or enjoying a sweet treat; it is the overall pattern of eating and being active day in and day out that matters.

In the coming months, we all here at AICR look forward to sharing more details of the report and answering your questions. You can read the press release about our report here, and if you have not already, visit Cancer Health Check to see what changes you can make to lower your cancer risk.

3 comments on “New Recommendations and Tools for Cancer Prevention: Launching Diet and Cancer Report

    • Rosie Foshee on

      I want to also send a great big THANK YOU for this NAP Challenge, and for all this information on this site. It led me to begin either the 95% vegetarian or Mediterranean diet lifestyle. I gave up processed meats, red meats. I will eat fish, poultry, eggs. Everything else I went plant-based, and have stayed with this lifestyle for 9 months, and I enjoy this eating pattern. It was not a problem for me from the beginning to stay with this new lifestyle. I prepare whatever “Pop” likes and he eats whatever vegetables, whole grains I prepare for myself. Then I had a small plate of fruit to every meal. I had nuts, all natural peanut butter, beans to my meals for protein. I drink vanilla flavored soy milk three times a day, and love it with my coffee. Again thank you.


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