About the Report

Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective, our Third Expert Report, is AICR/WCRF’s most comprehensive scientific report to date.  

Building on the First and Second Expert Reports, released in 1997 and 2007, our panel has reviewed the latest evidence from the past decade and developed the most reliable cancer prevention advice currently available.  This is summarized in our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

Key Findings

Weight: The evidence linking body fatness to cancer is overwhelming and has grown stronger over the past decade.  Our new findings show strong evidence that being overweight or obese is a cause of 12 cancers. This is five more than in our last Expert Report a decade ago.
Alcohol: There is strong evidence that drinking alcohol is a cause of six cancers. This is one more type of cancer than research has previously shown.  Even one small glass of alcohol a day can increase your risk of getting some cancers. 
Physical Activity: By being physical active you can provide powerful protection against cancer. Physical activity can help protect you directly from 3 cancers and also helps you maintain a healthy weight, which reduces your cancer risk even more.
Diet: A healthy pattern of eating and drinking is associated with a lower risk of cancer as well as reducing the risk of weight gain.  People should make wholegrains, fruits and pulses a major part of their diet; eat fewer “fast foods” and other processed foods high in fat, starch or sugar; eat no more than moderate amounts of red meat, such as beef , pork and lamb, and little, if any processed meat; drink mostly water and unsweetened drinks. 
Cancer Survivors: There is growing evidence that lifestyle factors such as increased body fatness and low levels of physical activity affect woman’s chances of survival after a diagnosis of breast cancer. They may also have an impact on the effects of cancer treatment.  More research is vitally needed. 

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The full report, including systematic literature reviews (SLRs) and protocols is 12,000 pages. The full report comprises chapters on: Cancer Trends, The Cancer Process, Judging the Evidence, Exposures Section, CUP Cancer Reports and SLRs, Energy balance and body fatness, Survivors of breast and other cancers, Recommendations and public health and policy implications, Changes since the 2007 Second Expert Report, Future research directions, a summary matrix.

The Third Expert Report is available online at the WCRF/AICR website www.dietandcancerreport.org and The Print Summary is 114 pages and can be ordered here.

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Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A global Perspective.
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