QUIZ: Are You Active Enough?

Moving more helps you to feel healthier, manage your weight and lower your risk of cancer and other diseases.

What matters is the amount and type of physical activity you do. Aim to build some time into every day for fun activities that use up calories, tone your muscles, flex your joints and strengthen your body.

Is there enough physical activity in your life to promote good health? Try our quiz!

Choose the answer that most closely represents what you actually do, or what you would be most likely to do, in each situation. (You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to take this quiz.)

1. Daily life:
How physically active is your work – whether you go to a job or take care of a home?

Not very active – I spend most of my day sitting down
I don’t have an active job but I make an effort when I can
Very active – I’m always on the move

2. Current level of fitness:
If you were asked to objectively and truthfully describe your current level of fitness, you'd say you were:

Not in very good shape at the moment
In average shape for your age
In excellent condition

3. Fitness choices:
You’re on the eighth floor, and you need to get to the tenth. Do you:

Choose the elevator
Take the stairs if I’m not in a rush
Always take the stairs

4. Sports:
You play a sport or do an active hobby, such as swimming, walking, dancing, jogging, cycling:

Almost never
About once a week
Several times a week

5. If you have to pick up something at a store about half a mile away, would you:

Drive or take the bus
Walk if it was sunny
Always walk or cycle

    Your Score


My score was:

5 points

6 – 11 points

12 – 15 points