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What You Need to Know about Preventing...

Stomach Cancer

What’s the Evidence?

There is probable evidence that high levels of salt in the diet increase risk of cancer of the stomach. This is why AICR recommends avoiding salty foods and trying to limit the amount of salt in your diet.

There is also probable evidence that eating fruit and non-starchy vegetables - and especially vegetables in the allium family like onions, garlic and leeks protects against stomach cancer.  

This is one of the reasons AICR recommends eating at least five portions a day of a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

How Preventable is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is relatively rare in the US (rates are much higher in developing countries), but AICR experts estimate that following the above advice could prevent forty-seven percent of US stomach cancers every year.

That's over 10,000 cases every year. (Based on 2012 incidence data.)

stomach in situ


What the Panel’s Judgments Mean

strong, consistent and unlikely to change in the future

compelling but not quite strong or consistent enough to be "convincing"

Limited Evidence – Suggestive
too limited for a grade of "probable", but a general consistency in the data

Limited Evidence – No Conclusion
too inconsistent or insufficient for a definitive grade

Substantial Effect on Risk Unlikely
enough evidence to rule out a connection

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