Tributes: In Their Name

Tributes: In Their Name

Create a lasting, personal tribute to honor the life of someone special who has been touched by cancer. You can publicly share your tribute with the world, or privately with friends and family. You can write a statement, share memories, create a photo album, and invite others to do likewise. You can also use your tribute webpage to fundraise for our programs and create awareness about our message.

  1. Create and Personalize your tribute by sharing stories and pictures of love ones.
  2. Invite people to your webpage to add their voice to your tribute by sharing their stories and pictures. Show them how to get involved by making contributions to fund research and education.
  3. Use your tribute to create awareness about what we can do to defeat cancer. Host events to raise funds for research.

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Note: If you have previously registered with our site, you should log in now to use existing information from your profile. If you have not registered, you will be asked to enter your street and email address and to create a User Name/Password login during the fund creation process.