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Raising to the challenge...

One more time! On July 19, I will participate in the 23rd edition of the Etape du Tour, on the course of the 19th stage, between Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and the La Toussuire-Les Sybelles resort town.

On the program, there will be climbs at the Chaussy, the Croix de Fer (by the infamous col du Glandon), and the Mollard Passes, and the final climb towards La Toussuire Les Sybelles.

The 2015 Etape du Tour route is definitely one for the climbers. The official announcer said that although it was a "condensed stage" it "could be one of the toughest".
The stage is listed as being 142km long with a total of 4,079 meters (over 13,380 feet) climbing on the route but it could well be a bit more than that.

Running for the AICR

This year I've decided to raise money for the American Institute of Cancer Research. AICR provides funding for research at leading universities, hospitals and research centers throughout the U.S. and the Americas. The grants support studies ranging from basic science to applied clinical research. Investigations cover a wide variety of topics in cancer research all designed to better understand the relationship of diet, nutrients and physical activity to cancer. Grant applications are reviewed by panels consisting of top U.S. researchers and only the best are funded.