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For Immediate Release: June 1, 2015
AICR Contact: communications@aicr.org

New Gallbladder Cancer Report Confirms
Obesity Increases Risk

WASHINGTON, DC —There is strong evidence that being overweight or obese increases the risk for gallbladder cancer, according to the latest report from an ongoing systematic review of global research.

This report reaffirms and strengthens the findings of a previous report from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International), which examined many lifestyle factors and concluded that overweight and obesity increase risk.

Gallbladder is one of ten cancers now strongly associated with overweight and obesity. Other reports from AICR and WCRF International have also found that excess body fat increases risk for advanced prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, post-menopausal breast cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Given the above findings, AICR now estimates that excess body fat is now a cause of approximately 120,000 US cases of cancer each year.

Produced in partnership with the (AICR), WCRF International’s Continuous Update Project (CUP) report Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Gallbladder Cancer analyzes 11 studies. It is the most comprehensive, in-depth review to date of global research linking diet, physical activity, and weight to the risk of developing gallbladder cancer.

Body fatness was measured by body mass index (BMI). The research found a 25 percent increased risk of gallbladder cancer for every five BMI units.

Gallbladder cancer is the 20th most common cancer worldwide. It accounts for only about 1 percent of incidence of all cancers, yet survival rates are low because it is often not diagnosed until the advanced stages.

Notes for editors:

  • More information about the CUP process and reports
  • The cancers now linked to being overweight or obese are:
    1. liver,
    2. ovarian,
    3. colorectal,
    4. post-menopausal breast,
    5. advanced prostate,
    6. endometrial,
    7. esophageal,
    8. kidney,
    9. pancreatic and
    10. gallbladder
  • Overweight = BMI of 25 to 29.9
  • Obese = BMI of 30 or more

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