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Golf Events to Benefit AICR

From tournaments to simple outings, a golf event can be a fun and meaningful way to support a great cause. Golf events may be held in honor of someone battling cancer, in memory of someone who has passed away, or simply to promote cancer research and education.

Simple Golf Events

If you don't have the time or resources to plan a full-scale tournament, a smaller golf event can be fun meaningful and successful. Here are some great ideas of golf events to hold in your area.

  • On the putting green: There are a number of games you can play on the putting green, such as the “Chip In Challenge”, among others. Ask a local course if you can run an event on the putting green for a day, a half of a day or even a couple of hours. Set it up yourself and invite your friends and colleagues. Make it open to other guests as well to raise more money!
  • At the driving range: A private course may allow you to run a charitable long-drive competition from one of the driving tees, or close a hole down for a period of time for your use entirely. A public course might appreciate the publicity from such a competition. Run the game at the driving range for a day, or even once a month during the season.
  • A round of mini golf: If you don’t have access to a full course, ask your local miniature golf course about their rules for holding events.
  • As a group of friends: Meeting a group for your regular match? Ask everyone to contribute an extra $20 on top of playing fees for a day and make it a game to benefit AICR.

Guide to Holding a Golf Tournament

One of the most popular and successful golf events to hold is a golf tournament. This guide will help you through the process of organizing your own successful tournament.

Contact our Special Events Coordinator for help planning your event or for answers to any of your questions.

Golf Hand & Tee

The Basics

Here are some basics to help you get started with planning a golf tournament.

Golf Trap

Golf Day

With proper organization this is the fun part.

Golf Cart


Here are suggestions for making the most of those donating their time.

Golf Games

Golf Games

Including games to go along with the main event is a great way to add more revenue and excitement to your tournament.

Golf Hat


Here are some ideas about how to secure sponsors, as well as suggestions for the type of sponsorship opportunities you could offer.

Golf Scorecard


Download these files to help you plan your tournament.

Golf Participants


Here are some ideas on how to spread the news.

Golf Acknowledgements Large Golf Ball


 Here's how to give everyone a pat on the back.