Tips and Guidelines for Holding Events


  1. Pick an event that interests you. Events require time and dedication. They are easier to plan when they are centered on something that you enjoy. Fundraisers work best when they are fun for both the participants and the organizers!
  2. Give yourself enough time to plan the event. Events take time to organize, obtain sponsors, send out invitations and publicize. We recommend planning at least six months in advance.
  3. Pick the right time and place for your event. Make sure the location is accessible and big enough for whatever you are planning. If you need a special facility, start by making sure it is available when you will need it.
  4. Ask for help. Friends, family, coworkers and local companies can lend resources and fresh ideas. They can also help share the workload.
  5. Find out about matching gift programs. If your employer has a matching gift program this is a great opportunity to double your contribution!
  6. Don’t forget to publicize your event. Once you secure a date, send a “Save the Date” card to everyone who will want to be involved. Call your local newspapers, radio and TV stations. They are often willing to provide announcements about an event and may be interested in being a sponsor. Get publicity before, during and after your event. If the media does not cover the actual event, follow up with stories and photos. This can encourage additional donations and attract individuals who might be interested in participating the next time.
  7. Say thank you. Be sure to thank your sponsors, volunteers and participants. If they don’t feel appreciated they’ll be less likely to help again next year.
  8. Notify AICR in advance of your fundraiser. We can provide complimentary educational materials to distribute at the event. We are also happy to serve as a resource and share ideas with you.
  9. Let us know when the event is over. Please send the proceeds in the yellow envelopes provided. We would also love to hear how it went and see pictures of your event!
  10. Contact AICR. Call us toll free at 1-800-843-8114 or send an email to

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Please keep in mind that any use of AICR’s name in print
(flyers, posters, invitations, etc.) or in the media must be pre-approved by AICR.


If the name of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is to be associated with an event, please use the following guidelines:

  • The American Institute for Cancer Research accepts no responsibility for the event or for activities held in conjunction with said event. AICR is merely the beneficiary of the funds raised during the event, and while AICR is very appreciative of the support that comes from such events, AICR cannot be held responsible for anything that may occur before, during or after any event not directly conducted by AICR.
  • Please notify AICR prior to the event to receive permission allowing for the use of its name in conjunction with the event.
  • Donations made in support of an event you are holding should be made payable to “AICR” or the “American Institute for Cancer Research.” (If individuals do not make their checks payable to AICR, it may affect the tax deductibility of such donations.)

Donations should be sent to:

American Institute for Cancer Research
Attn: Special Events
1759 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

Donations made in support of an event to benefit AICR are generally tax deductible within the current IRS tax laws and regulations. However, if checks are not made payable to “AICR” or “American Institute for Cancer Research,” then AICR cannot supply receipts or acknowledgments for tax purposes. Individual supporters with questions about charitable tax deductions should consult with their personal tax attorney or tax preparer.

If you wish to distribute AICR’s educational materials at your event, be sure to request them far enough in advance to allow for shipping.