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  • Cancer Information: Where to Find Help
    Contains reliable, up-to-date listings of organizations that provide authoritative, reliable information on preventing, treating and living with cancer.
  • Nutrition and the Cancer Survivor
    The right diet is essential for regaining and maintaining health. Tells what science knows about eating to prevent secondary tumors and recurrence.


Other Resources

Resources for Cancer Survivors
The link will take to you to resources including: recommendations for cancer survivors, dietary and exercise tips, reading and online resources, a recently produced DVD on nutrition during and after treatment, help from a registered dietician, frequently asked questions, and more.

Food for the Fight DVD
This DVD addresses managing your diet while going through cancer treatment, and the three key areas in preventing the recurrence of cancer after treatment is done.

A Dietitian's Cancer Story
by Diana Dyer, MS, RD

Diana Dyer, a registered dietitian and three-time cancer survivor, gives details of how she changed her diet and lifestyle to maximize her chances for recovery. This book has been used by thousands of cancer survivors as they search for strategies to extend and improve their quality of life. A portion of the sales from this book is added to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition Research Endowment to fund research on diet and cancer survivorship.