Sponsorship Opportunities

92% of Americans today have a more positive image of companies and products that support causes.
(2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, The Role of Cause Branding)

Sponsor one of our many cancer programs or events

Annual Research Conference

The Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer is the world’s premier forum on the diet-cancer connection. Show your commitment to the field of cancer prevention and treatment research, and benefit from the exposure to the scientists and institutions on the forefront of cancer research and prevention.

Visit our research conference sponsorship page.

The New American Plate Seminar

Sponsor our seminar and help us change the way Americans eat and move. Attendees learn which everyday choices affect their chances of developing cancer and other chronic diseases.  The seminar arms people with the tools they need to stay lean, move more, and reshape their meals according to AICR’s New American Plate.  This award-winning approach isn’t a diet or a complex system for calculating calories and fat grams -- it's a fresh way of looking at what you eat every day.

Nutrition After Cancer Conference

Sponsor our survivor’s conference on nutrition, physical activity, and weight management for cancer survivors. Researchers, health professionals and cancer survivors gather to address the following questions: Can changes in diet or activity level influence the risk of recurrence, secondary tumors and treatment? Our survivors’ conference is held once per year, in conunction with comprehensive centers nationwide.


Sponsor Team AICR and its runners who participate every year in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (BOACM 2008) or the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington (MCM 2008).