Golf Events: Sponsors

Support from sponsors can be vital to the success of your golf event. Here are some ideas about how to secure sponsors, as well as suggestions for the type of sponsorship opportunities you could offer.

Securing Sponsorship

  • Contact real estate agencies, insurance agencies, banks, gyms, spas, restaurants, and local retail shops to name just a few.
  • First, get local businesses and organizations excited and committed to the event. Then talk about the level of contribution.
  • Ask high. You never know what you can get for a sponsorship unless you ask. If you are having a hard time securing sponsors, ask them what it would take to make sponsorship worth it.
  • Sponsoring an event should be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Make your sponsors see that. There are any number of possibilities when suggesting how potential sponsors might benefit from contributing to your event.
    • Golf FlagTip: Be flexible! Sponsors may have unique ideas that could add to your event and increase revenue.
  • Clearly define the benefits of each level of sponsorship. That way there will be no confusion as to what sponsors may display or distribute based on their contribution amount.
  • Acknowledge all sponsors. Prior to the event, publicize sponsors on all marketing materials. At the event make a verbal announcement, post signage, and list them in the event program.

Ideas for Types of Sponsorship

  • You might have a 3-tier sponsorship, where sponsors who give one of the specified amounts (i.e. $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000) receive the title of “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze” Sponsors. Download Examples of possible Sponsorship Opportunities for more ideas.
  • You might have sponsors for specific event activities, such as the “Banquet Sponsor” if you are able to secure someone to underwrite the cost of the banquet or provide the food.
  • Sponsors may sponsor holes and display their corporate logo and signage around the green. In exchange you can offer tickets for them to participate in the tournament.
  • The highest level of sponsorship should generally receive a place to display signage at the entrance to the event, and may include signage at the close of the course as well. Quite often sponsors have signage on the tee boxes, with one sponsor recognized on each hole.
  • Recognition of sponsors on golf carts is also a possibility, although the hosting golf course will have to approve the use of their carts for any added signs or logos.
  • Recognition in the event program is an easy way to raise money. If a printed program is being provided, local companies may want to buy space in the program. Individuals might also buy space for an “Honorarium” to a family member, friend, or coworker.
  • A silent auction is a nice add-on to a tournament. Restaurants may donate dinner for two or four. Retail stores may donate items from their stores. Gyms might donate a trial membership. Spas might give a complimentary massage. Often the golf course will contribute items from the golf shop, or a golf package, to be auctioned or raffled.
  • Sponsors can also donate raffle prizes. Prizes can range enormously, from a coffee mug to a vacation getaway. Raffles tend to be less labor intensive than a silent or live auction. The profit earned from a raffle, however, depends on the number of tickets sold and the amount you decide to charge for the ticket. The price of the tickets should be reflective of the value of the raffle prize(s).
  • Local stores might also have access to vendors who may want to contribute to the event. A convenience store or supermarket might be able to help contact vendors to donate bottled water or snack items for the course, for example.