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Golf Events: Publicity

Whether large or small, your event can benefit from publicity.  Here are some ideas on how to spread the news.

Local Media

While posters and flyers are always helpful, don’t forget the local media. At your request, AICR will write a press release on your event for you to distribute.

  • Call or visit your local newspapers, radio and TV Stations. They are often willing to provide announcements about a local event, and may even be interested in being a sponsor. Media coverage during a special event always helps raise awareness. Live coverage adds a level of excitement and timeliness. Remember to thank them publicly during the event program.
  • Contact local radio stations. Many radio stations are affiliated with other stations. Encourage them to pass the information along for additional publicity, and include in the announcement whom to contact in support of the event. You may receive interest from individuals wanting to golf, corporate or local sponsors, and/or individual donations.
  • Publicize before, during and after your event. Even if the media isn’t able to cover the actual event, follow up after the event with stories and pictures that they might be willing to use. If you’re planning an annual event, all of this publicity can help make the community more aware when next year’s event rolls around. You may also find that publicity during and right after an event can bring in additional donations in support of AICR, as well as offers from individuals, organizations or companies who want to be involved the next time the event is held.

Do It Yourself

You don't have to leave it to the pros.  There are a number of other ways to spread the word.

  • Set up a website. Any materials such as invitations, letters to sponsors, flyers and brochures can go on your website. You can include pictures of the golf course, a list of sponsors, committee members and volunteers. After the event, post pictures from the event and an article about the success of the event. If you’re planning an annual event, this will help keep excitement high all year round.
  • Post on community boards.  Posting your event on community bulletin boards in parks, community centers, shopping malls, offices, or places of worship is an easy way to publicize.  You never know where you’ll attract potential participants or sponsors. Include contact numbers for those wanting additional information.

Golf Flag TIP: Publicity can enhance an event, but nothing is more effective than one-on-one communication. Be sure that you and your volunteers talk to people you know who are charitably-minded, and/or who love to play golf.

IMPORTANT- Please keep in mind that any use of AICR's name in print (email, flyers, posters, invitations, etc.) or in the media must be pre-approved by AICR. We usually need 5 business days to review your request.