Golf Putting Contest

Golf Events: Golf Games

Including games to go along with the main event is a great way to add more revenue and excitement to your tournament. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate. Games provide a great way to kick things off, or as a supplement to the tournament on the course.

All tournaments are different and the games will take some coordinating. The number and types of games you will want to incorporate will vary. Sponsors and volunteers can all get involved to help coordinate. You may even want to come up with some games of your own! We'd love to hear about additional games that are successful in raising money - please share them with us.

Golf Flag Tip: Games can also be a fun alternative to a full tournament, as an event all on their own.

Games for a Fee

Money is generally raised by collecting an entrance fee for each game. Fees may be collected at registration or on the green.

Golf Flag Tip: Be sure to have someone at the designated hole to collect money for those who did not sign up for games at registration, and to determine the winner.

Mulligans For a Fee
At registration, offer your participants the opportunity to buy a mulligan package. (A mulligan is an opportunity to replay a bad shot.) You might consider charging $10 for two mulligans, or $20 for two mulligans and two raffle tickets, as an extra purchasing incentive.

Closest to the Pin Challenge
Designate a hole on the course as the site for this contest. Players mark where the ball ends up as they pass by during regular play. The winner is decided when the last player finishes.

Long Drive Challenge
The person who hits the longest drive that lands within the fairway of all tournament participants on the designated hole is declared the winner.

Longest Putt Challenge
This is another fun, easy game. Players begin by putting from a certain distance, 5 feet, for example. All players who make their putt get to move on, while those who miss are out. Players putt from progressively longer distances until only one player is left.

Straightest Drive
On a long, straightaway hole, a painted line will be placed down the middle of the fairway. The tee shot that comes closest to the line is the winner.

Hole-In-One Contest
The odds of winning this challenge are much smaller than the rest of the games on this list. In fact, there will not always be a winner. This is where you can attract big prizes like a new car donated by a local car dealership, or an exotic vacation getaway. Make sure the rules are laid out very clearly between the sponsor and the event coordinator, including any liability for taxes. Rules of play and any stipulations to winning the grand prize should be agreed upon ahead of time and clarified in writing. A number of companies offer insurance to cover the cost of the prize. The insurance cost varies depending on the value of the prize. Quite often the car dealer pays the cost of the insurance and is recognized as a tournament sponsor. Usually the insurance company will offer prizes of lesser value for hole-in-ones on other par 3's on the tournament course.

$20 To Hit From Red Tees
Each group or individual may pay $20 to hit from the red tees. If the players choose not to pay $20, they must hit from the white tees. This option should be designated at one or two specific holes only.

Pick A Tee
Each golfer may pay $5 to pick a tee from the bag to see if they can hit from the red or white tees at a specific hole. If a golfer chooses not to pick a tee, that golfer must hit from the white tees.

Golf Flag TIP: 50/50 Raffle is an easy way to raise money for charity.
This is a very popular game. Players buy as many raffle tickets as they want. When the winning raffle ticket is selected the winner wins half of the money collected and the charity receives the other half. Raffle tickets should be made available throughout the tournament at registration, at a hole on the course, and before the closing ceremony. The longer you collect raffle tickets, the more money you will raise. Sometimes the winner will even donate their half of the pot back to the charity as well.

Just for the Fun of it

Although the following games do not raise additional money for charity, they do keep the tournament lighthearted and fun. They also serve to involve the participants as a group and to encourage them to stick around for the banquet or awards ceremony to find out who will win.

  • Best/Worst Shot on the Green
  • Most Balls in the Water
  • Longest Putt Holed / Shortest Putt Missed
  • Shortest Drive
  • Best/Worst Dressed
    Some golfers are known for their outrageous style. Encourage players to wear the loudest golf pants, a kilt, or other costume.