Golf Events: Golf Day

With proper organization this is the fun part. Just don’t forget that the little details make a big difference!  You can also download a checklist on the Examples page to make sure you're prepared for the big day. 

1. Get there early. Arrive at least two to three hours prior to registration.

2. Organize, motivate, and thank volunteers. Have volunteers get to the course early for an orientation of the course and the day’s events.

3. Coordinate and organize the registration area. This will make the rest of the day a lot easier. Set up your table in an accessible and visible place near the entrance. Be sure to have the program available for all the participants at registration. Mention any special conditions on the course.

4. Be sure all sponsorship identification is displayed appropriately. Volunteers might be assigned to set up sponsorship materials.

5. Picture the flow of the crowd. Set up the raffle and/or auction items for viewing and bidding near the entrance so people can see them as they walk in. Have someone available at registration to sell raffle tickets.

6. Don’t forget trash cans. Put liners in the trash cans ahead of time

7. Are there water and snacks? Are they accessible? Will volunteers be in charge of a food and beverage cart?

8. Determine winners. Your golf pro will usually announce the rules of the tournament before play and tally (with handicap adjustments, etc.) the scores. If not, assign someone who is comfortable with the process and quick with calculations.

9. Banquet and awards. The format will vary. Create a checklist for yourself to assure that all necessary details and tasks are taken care of. Be sure to thank your sponsors once again.

10. Clean-up. Coordinators, committee members, volunteers, and any available staff can work together to make clean up go quickly and painlessly. If you want to return to this course next year, this is where you’ll make the biggest impression on the management.