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Unique Gifts, Inspired by Cancer-Fighting Fruits and Veggies
apple with bow

You Can't Wrap an Apple

We love fruits and vegetables here at AICR. They're delicious, healthy and filled with cancer-fighting compounds, but realize sometimes an apple doesn't make the best gift. So we've found fruit and vegetable-inspired gifts that cover a range of budgets and styles.

watermelon bowl

Vegetable Art

They may not be edible, but these vegetable parchments by Margaret Dorfman are still delicious looking. All of her art is hand made, using real produce that's sliced and dried into brilliant, translucent creations. She doesn't need to add any artificial dyes -- each fruit or vegetable gets its gem-like color from its individual phytochemicals.

polka dot knives

Slice with Style

If you cook regularly chances are you use your chopping knives daily. For that cook in your life, this Kuhn Rikon set makes cutting, slicing and mincing a fun and colorful affair. 



There are hundreds of healthy cookbooks out there. We've picked a few of our favorites that focus on fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. 

New American Plate Cookbook

Cook and Freeze

Simply in Season

Get Cooking

The Plant-Powered Diet

Melissa's Great Book of Produce

herb growing kit

DIY Herb Garden

Winter is a great time to plant an indoor herb garden. This herb growing kit comes with a tin, four herb plants of your choice and growing instructions.

You can also include our popular Herb and Spice Wheel to help that special someone incorporate more herbs and spices into meals.

herb scissors

Cut those Herbs

Along with your favorite herbs, you may want to include a way to cut them. Herb scissors make herb-snipping just a little easier, and they're small so can tuck away easily.

mango splitter

Mango Pitter

If you know someone who loves mangoes and does not have this item, then you're in luck. This pitter makes the mess and stickiness of eating a mango - packed with carotenoids and other cancer-fighting compounds -- begone.

tea holders

Tea Anytime Anywhere

For the tea lover in your life, portable tea infusers like these strawberry-inspired ones from Trudeau are great for loose leaf tea at home or the office.

If you need a reason to drink more tea, research has shown that some tea is rich in antioxidants.  

vegetable chopsticks

Veggie Chopsticks

Have someone in your life who loves cooking asian foods, or just eating with chopsticks? These coloful chopstick holders are shaped like our favorite stir-fry ingredients. Who wouldn't love this?

vegetable earrings

Veggie Earrings

For that woman in your life who adores broccoli, artichokes or even shallots, these whimsical earrings will let her enjoy them all day. 

veggie soap

Smells Like Salad

These herb and vegetable-infused soaps are hand-crafted in Italy and come in a variety of natural scents including pumpkin, cucumber and tomato.

super hero apron

Super Cook

Cooking has never been so stylish. Aprons are back and you've got so many to choose from. Get one for the super hero in your kitchen!

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