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Cooling & Cancer-Fighting Summer Drinks

Summer Sipping

It’s definitely summer in the city… and we’re all looking for a little refreshment. But before you grab a sugary soda to quench your thirst, remember: those easy to swallow calories offer no nutritional benefits and don’t signal our stomachs that we’re full (read: weight gain). Swap that soda for these more satisfying and simply refreshing summer sips, with cancer-fighting nutrients to boot.

Infused Water with Strawberries & Mint  

We get it – plain water can seem boring. Wow your taste buds without all the added calories by infusing water with summer fruits, herbs and even veggies…be creative!

Find more ideas for tasty waters here: Not Your Ordinary Water

Green Tea Slush with Apricot Nectar

Chilling green tea doesn’t cool off its cancer-fighting powers – so throw it over ice and enjoy on a hot summer day. Making it yourself also means you’ll get way more polyphenol compounds than that pre-bottled stuff, for a fraction of the cost.

Try this easy recipe now.

Spice It Up with Asian Lemonade

Reinvigorate and rehydrate with this Vietnamese-inspired beverage featuring cayenne pepper. So hot it’s cool.

Add this unique refreshing drink to your next picnic.

Green Gulp

Go green with this vitamin C and potassium packed smoothie. A smart alternative to the sugary sports drink AND a great way to make use of all that juicy melon in season right now.

Here's how to make Honeydew Kiwi Smoothie.

Sparkling Water

Add a splash of your favorite 100% fruit juice to 8 ounces of sparkling water. Not in a DIY mood? Grab a pack of one of the endless varieties of no sugar added canned or bottled fizzy waters out there. No need to splurge on the fancy European stuff – store-brand seltzer or sparkling water can be much easier on your wallet and still hit the spot.

Learn more about the difference between seltzer, club soda and other fizzy water options.

Dress Up Iced Tea

Experiment with your favorite fruity twists to this revitalizing tea – or enjoy the cancer-protective benefits straight up.

We’ve got a delicious Fruity Iced Tea recipe to get you started.

Creamy Cold Smoothie

Here’s a cool pick-me up that’ll make your taste buds go bananas. And check out AICR’s Foods that Fight CancerCoffee to learn about coffee’s phytochemicals, the research, tips for preparing and recipes.

For a summer breakfast on the go make a Banana Vanilla Coffee Smoothie.

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