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February 2019 | Issue 151

The Importance of Diet and Exercise
The Importance of Diet and Exercise logo Listen to Jennifer A. Ligibel, MD, of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute discuss the changing views in the medical oncology community about diet, physical activity and nutrition and their impact on cancer and cancer risk.
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Cancer Prevention Month Touches Everyone

Through our annual Can Prevent Campaign, AICR has elevated the national conversation about lifestyle and cancer risk and increasingly, major cancer organizations, health professionals and other experts are incorporating that information into their messages.

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Kenny Fisher: Going the Distance to Fight and End Cancer

For Kenny Fisher, running the Paris Marathon each year for AICR has grown into more than just a way to raise much-needed funds for our research. It’s taken on a personal and special meaning for him as a way to connect with friends, family and even strangers.

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Myths and Facts: Cancer Prevention Month

Tired of the confusion over diet and its impact on cancer risk? Get the facts during Cancer Prevention Month as AICR debunks common myths. Take our quiz, and see if you can separate fact from fiction.

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Ask the Dietitian: Know the Myths and Facts about Cancer Prevention

February is Cancer Prevention Month. AICR is leading a national campaign to help Americans separate the myths from facts about cancer risk and to empower people with accurate information on cancer prevention.

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