Kenny Fisher: Going the Distance to Fight and End Cancer

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For Kenny Fisher, running the Paris Marathon each year for the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has grown into more than just a way to raise money for our research. It’s taken on personal, special meaning for him as a way to connect with friends, family and even strangers who are fighting, surviving or have lost their lives to cancer. “Running the Paris marathon is so important to me because this is my way of honoring and remembering those loved ones that we lost to this deadly disease. This also helps my supporters.”

April 14, 2019 will mark Kenny’s fourth consecutive year of running the Paris Marathon. Since 2016 he has raised over $19,000 for AICR’s Research Programs. As an advocate supporting those he is running for, Kenny incorporates many personal touches into his participation. This includes wearing a shirt and singlet during the race stitched with the names of each individual victim and survivor he has met and going to Notre Dame Cathedral after the race to light a candle in memory of them, while reading each individual’s name who has been lost to cancer.

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Despite many injuries over the years as a marathon runner, the annual Paris marathon is Kenny’s favorite out of the 172 he has completed. He feels it is important to raise as much money as possible for AICR’s cancer research, and this makes him as determined as ever to continue against so many odds and injuries. “Each year I think it is going to be my last year to run, and then the donors and supporters encourage me to continue on. I figure if I have to walk the entire distance or run part of it, I am running with a real purpose and a meaningful goal.”

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We all are inspired by Kenny’s selfless generosity in reaching out to his friends, family and the cancer community to raise money for cancer research. It’s exciting to see his sponsor list grow bigger each year. If you would like to become a 2019 Sponsor for Kenny’s run, you can go to his Paris Marathon Fundraising Website at Good luck Kenny!

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