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December 2018 | Issue 149

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Are you a federal worker? Join your other federal family members by giving to AICR. Our number is #11420.

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Families, Food and Fitness: Eating During the Holidays

Managing balanced eating can be challenging, especially at family holiday meals where food often represents love and generosity, making it tough to say no to that extra piece of pie. Our expert helps you navigate eating and activity this holiday season.

aplles in a box

Eat More Apples This Holiday Season

This holiday season, focus on incorporating plenty of foods – like apples, for overall health and lower cancer risk - into your holiday snacks and meals. AICR recommends eating five servings of vegetables and fruits daily for lower cancer risk.

gift wrapping paper

Oh, What Fun! Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Whether you want to indulge yourself or humor a friend, these five gift ideas are sure to help you and your loved ones live a cancer-protective lifestyle in 2019.

running shoes

Winter Activity: Boost Your Fitness without Leaving Home

Being physically active is a key recommendation for cancer prevention and for boosting overall health. The good news is that whatever your fitness or activity level, AICR is around to give you tips to move a little more.

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