Oh, What Fun! Healthy Holiday Gift Guides for 2019

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Whether you want to indulge yourself or humor a friend, these five gift ideas are sure to help you and your loved ones live a cancer-protective lifestyle in 2019.

An Enticing Cookbook

Variety is the spice of life, and the key to sticking to a healthy diet! Cookbooks are a great way to introduce new recipes into your lineup. Introduce friends to plant-based eating the AICR way with The New American Plate Cookbook. Dietitian Sharon Palmer's Plant-Powered for Life is a great way to explore creative plant-based recipes. Sharon is a recipe contributor to AICR.

A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are very popular right now, and for good reason: the new Physical Activity Guidelines suggest moving more and sitting less throughout the day. Getting active is one of the most important factors in leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes helping to lower cancer risk. Fitness trackers, like pedometers or electronic trackers, are a great way to keep track of how much physical activity you’re getting every day and help you achieve your fitness goals. For the fashion conscious, check out these stylish trackers.

A Water Bottle with a Built-In Infuser

Take your water bottle up a notch for flavor and convenience. A good water bottle is a must to stay hydrated on the go. Make water more attractive by choosing water bottles with an infuser, allowing you to flavor your water with fruits, like lemons or strawberries, veggies, like cucumbers, or even herbs, like mint. Try experimenting with different flavors to help you stay hydrated! Check out these options.

An Indoor Herb Garden

Give the gift of flavor with an herb garden you or your friends can grow themselves! Herbs like mint, parsley and basil are easy to grow indoors and can be transferred to bigger pots if needed come Spring. These little gifts are great additions to any kitchen, and, with proper maintenance, are something the recipient can appreciate for years to come! To help start them off, pair this gift with our recipe for Brown Rice Balls or Fresh Veggie Pad Thai for some ideas on how to best make use of their new plants. Here are some chef-inspired ideas.

Creative Workout Classes

Many studios offer the option to gift a set of classes, a present that will help mix up an established but monotonous fitness routine or offer instruction for those who aren’t sure of how or where to start. Adding classes to your loved one’s calendar, or your own helps make fitness a part of the regular schedule.

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