Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreas In Situ Xray Image

November marks Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, a time for people to learn more about this often fatal type of cancer. Although it is only the thirteenth most common type of cancer, it is the eighth most common cause of cancer death, according to our most recent Continuous Update Project report on the disease. Our evidence shows that there is a convincing link between higher body fatness and pancreatic cancer incidence, making research on the effects of modifiable lifestyle factors crucial to pancreatic cancer prevention.

Dr. Jeanine Genkinger, a researcher from Columbia University, received an American Institute for Cancer Research grant to study the effects of weight, particularly weight cycling (repeated weight loss and regain), on the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Her hope is that her research will significantly add to the body of literature currently showing how sustained weight loss can help reduce this risk. Learn more about Dr. Genkinger’s important research in this video:

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