A Cancer Prevention Holiday Balancing Act: Movement and Portions Sense

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America is in the midst of an obesity crisis, with 7 in 10 Americans currently having overweight and obesity. There is strong evidence that obesity is linked to an increased risk for 12 cancers. One holiday meal doesn’t move the scale permanently, but the extended holiday season filled with treats and rich meals can mean unhealthful weight gain. And our hectic schedules can crowd out time to move and be active. That’s important because being physically active links to lower risk for colon, breast and endometrial cancers. Check your portion smarts and see where you are with moving more by taking our popular quizzes.

Holiday Health Quiz

Portion Size Smarts:

We all enjoy the special holiday foods and elegant spreads. This year savor the feast with an eye on portions that are good for your health. Use smart strategies to keep the holiday pounds off and still enjoy special foods. Managing your portions is one useful way to have a healthy weight. How well do you know the standard portion sizes for your holiday favorites? Take our Thanksgiving quiz to test your knowledge.

Moving for Health and Cancer Prevention:

Physical activity can take a hit during holidays so you may want to develop some special strategies to keep up your routine – or to start one if not active now. See how well you are doing with our “Are You Active Enough?” quiz.

For help year round with healthful eating and moving more one week at a time, sign up for AICR’s New American Plate Challenge, a free, fun online program.

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