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September 2018 | Issue 146

NAP Challenge

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Our fall weight-loss challenge begins September 17. Secure your spot today!

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Your back to school shopping can help AICR.
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Making It Social: Community Events Can Help You Get Active

Crisp and cool, autumn weather can inspire you to get active. Moving your body daily plays an important role in lowering your risk for cancer and boosting your overall health. Some research shows two factors that can contribute to long-term success: peer support and accountability. Take a look inside the world of Park Run, a community event that offers both.

AICR Grant Program Helps Scientists Stay on Cutting Edge of Research

Every year, AICR turns to top researchers in cancer prevention to help decide which new projects to fund. Take a look behind the scenes at this year’s panel and the cutting-edge projects we’re discussing.

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Living Well after Cancer

The benefits of a Mediterranean diet and post-treatment yoga programs are the focus of this month’s special “Ask the Dietitian” all about living well after cancer. If you’ve got questions, our registered dietitian Karen Collins has your answers.

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Easy Back-to-School Breakfasts

A healthy morning meal is the perfect chance to add a variety of nutritious foods to your kids' day. Try one of these simple recipes filled with cancer-fighting fiber, protein and fruit to make sure your kids (and you!) have plenty of energy until lunchtime.

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