AICR Grant Program Helps Scientists Stay on Cutting Edge of Research

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At the beginning of August, the American Institute for Cancer Research hosted 18 scientists from across the nation at our office in Arlington, VA for our Grant Review Panel. This independent panel brings together some of the current experts working in cancer research today to evaluate applications that were submitted to our grant program in May of 2018. After two days of rigorous discussion over each application, the American Institute for Cancer Research is better able to ascertain which grant applications are likely to have the greatest overall impact and be the highest priority for funding. 

This rigorous process is part of AICR’s Grant Program, which provides two-year grants to investigators at universities and research centers across the Americas who are interested in researching the effects of lifestyle factors on cancer risk and outcomes. Because the research we fund at AICR is the backbone of our institution, the process by which we select these projects needs to be extremely thorough. Through bringing in outside researchers to discuss our applications, we can be assured that we are funding projects that keep us on the cutting edge of research looking at the effects of diet, weight management and exercise on cancer prevention and survivorship. 

2017 Grantee Michael De Lisio talks about his recent grant from AICR, and its importance in this field: 

Learn more about AICR's grant program. 

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