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August 2018 | Issue 145


mother with child
August is National Breastfeeding Month. There is strong evidence that breastfeeding protects both mother and baby from cancer.

car donation
Support cancer research and education programs by donating your used or unwanted car, boat or camper! For more information, call us at
1-844-450-2427 or visit aicr.careasy.org.
green iced tea

Low-Sugar Summer Thirst-Quenchers

A cold, refreshing beverage offers a delicious and satisfying way to cool off, after a hot summer day. Skip the sugary drinks and opt for no or low-calorie refreshers to help avoid weight gain and lower cancer risk.

woman hidrating

Keep Your Cool in the Heat

The heat wave crashing over the US this past summer can make it difficult to do extended outdoor physical activities like hiking, running, and biking. Meet our activity recommendation with these tips, even when it’s hot outside.

avocado toast

Ask the Dietitian: 3 Hot Health Questions

Avocado nutrition, exercise benefits, and weight loss tips are hot topics during warm weather. Our registered dietitian, Karen Collins, RDN, looks at the research to give you practical answers.

iced tea

Cancer-Protection in Your Cup

Food isn’t the only way to add nutrition to your diet. Colorful smoothies, teas, coffees and flavored water can boost health too. We have dozens of simple recipes to try out so you’ll never get bored!

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