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June 2018 | Issue 143

NEW REPORT: Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer: a Global Perspective

Third Expert Report
AICR’s Third Expert Report is live! Catch up on all the research findings and our new cancer prevention recommendations.

Interactive Cancer Risk Matrix

Interactive bubble matrix
Explore our new interactive tool to see what lifestyle factors can affect risk for certain cancers.

Ten Ways to Lower Your Cancer Risk

AICR just released new and updated Cancer Prevention Recommendations. You can use these practical steps as a blueprint for healthy living to reduce your risk of cancer. Read more about these simple ways to improve your health and lower your chances of developing cancer.

cancer health check infographic

How Are Your Choices Adding Up? Take the Cancer Health Check

Our easy-to-use tool helps you assess how closely you are following the cancer prevention recommendations. By answering a few questions about what you eat and how much you move, you’ll see how healthy your everyday behaviors really are.

NAP Plate

New Cancer Prevention Recommendations Explained

The latest findings on a cancer-protective lifestyle focus on eating patterns instead of individual nutrients. Find out what this really means for your diet.


Recipe: Rhubarb Refresher

Consumption of sugary drinks is on the rise, contributing to obesity and cancer risk. Ditch the sugary sodas and celebrate the summer by cooling off with this unique, low-sugar infusion of rhubarb, orange and mint.

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