10 Ways to Lower Your Cancer Risk

AICR has just released new and updated Cancer Prevention Recommendations! You can use AICR’s Recommendations as a blueprint for healthy living to reduce your risk of cancer. Our panel of independent experts from across the globe reviewed and analyzed decades of the best evidence to develop the most reliable cancer prevention lifestyle advice currently available. These ten Recommendations provide practical and achievable steps that everyone can take to reduce the risk of developing cancer. 

Think of these Recommendations as a package to help you develop a personalized healthy pattern of eating and being active. Research shows it’s not just a single food or nutrient that makes a difference but rather choosing an overall healthy diet and program of being active that works together for cancer protection. Here are a few highlights from the Recommendations:

  • Focus on eating vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit – they should fill at least 2/3 of your plate
  • Drink mostly water and unsweetened beverages like tea and coffee. Limit sugar sweetened drinks
  • Choose fish, poultry and dairy foods or small amounts of red meat for 1/3 or less of your plate
  • Walk more and sit less. Be moderately active at least 150 minutes a week

AICR Cancer Prevention Recommendations

By making these healthy choices in your daily life, you’ll be taking powerful action to reduce your risk of many types of cancer and other chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Studies show that the more closely people adhere to AICR Recommendations, the greater the reduction in the risk of specific cancers, of cancer as a whole and of death from any cause.

As a package, these recommendations also help you get to and stay a healthy weight and that’s important because having overweight and obesity links to increased risk for 12 cancers. So, for the most cancer protection, aim to follow as many as possible of the Cancer Prevention Recommendations. However, any change you make towards meeting the goals set out in the Recommendations will go some way to reducing cancer risk and other chronic diseases. Today, choose one small change to make, whether it’s cutting out one sugary drink or adding in 5 minutes daily of physical activity, and you’ll be on your way to better health.

AICR’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations

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