6 FREE Activities for a Cancer-Protective Summer

summer fun

Now that summer is officially here, you can find a lot of creative ways to meet AICR’s recommendation to be active for at least 30 minutes each day. Yes, research shows that physically activity reduces cancer risk but it also can be fun – for you and the family – and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

Here are 6 free summer activities to try. Mix it up with old favorites and some that you’ve never done before.

1. Go for a hike at a national or state park
Going hiking and walking is one of the top three favorite summer activities among Americans, according to a new survey. Many national and state parks are free every day. On August 25-28, entry is free to all national parks to celebrate the National Park Service’s Birthday! Find out more about national parks at this website.

2. Geocache
This unique activity will lead you on a walking or hiking adventure in your town or in a new place! Find a “hidden treasure” by signing up for a free Geocache account here. All you need is a smartphone or GPS to serve as your map to the Geocache location. Try this by yourself or with friends and family. Be prepared to find a box, trinket, or note and leave your own treasure if you want!

3. Find a free museum day
Going to a museum is a great way to learn on the go. Spend two hours walking moderately, or chasing your kids, and you’ll get 12,000 steps! Check with your local museum, because many have free admission days.  Also, Museum Day Live! is an annual event where museums across the country offer free admission. Visit this website to learn more about this event, hosted by Smithsonian magazine.

4. Walking tour
Find a free or self-guided walking tour to discover history, architecture, and fun in your town. GPSMYCITY provides many self- guided tours for cities across the country. Just grab your smartphone and head out the door! Other free walking tours, often put together by local historical or architectural societies, can be found by searching online. Here is an example from Madison, Wisconsin.

5. Set up your own Summer Olympics with your kids
With the 2016 Summer Olympics coming up this August in Rio, it’s a great time to host your own backyard Olympic games. Make teams with neighborhood friends, babysitters, and family. Have a relay race to kick off the games!

6. Frisbee golf
If you love Frisbee, check out Frisbee golf. It’s a fun and active way to challenge your Frisbee skills. Play with friends at a local course by throwing Frisbees into metal baskets. Similar to golf, the goal is to finish the game with as little throws as possible. Find a course near you using this locator.

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