New Food Trends to Try in 2016
2016 food trends plate

New Year, New Food

New health foods and creative ways to prepare well-known foods are always a hot topic at the beginning of the year. We put together a list of 2016 nutrition trends that are worth a try.

hemp seeds

Hemp Seeds

These nutty seeds have fiber, protein, and some ALA omega-3 fatty acids. Use them like you would other seeds - sprinkle on oatmeal and other cereals, or add to baked goods, yogurt or vegetables. You can also substitute hemp seeds for bread crumbs to make a crunchy crust on chicken or fish.

ancient grains

Ancient Grains

Explore new flavors and textures – something different from brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Try farro, red or black rice, quinoa, sorghum or millet. Whole grains are rich in fiber that can lower risk for colorectal cancer.

Check out some of AICR's ancient grains recipes: Ratatouille with Millet and Farro Salad Primavera.

home cooking

Home Delivery Meal Services

Getting ingredients or ready-to-assemble meals delivered straight to your door can be a convenient way to make healthy, home-cooked meals, especially for beginners.

To keep it budget-friendly, try it short-term to learn about portion sizes and healthy meal planning and preparation before you try to shop and prep on your own. Check out AICR's easy affordable cancer-fighting meals with step by step instructions.

sprouted grains in spoons

Sprouted Grains

Grains will germinate (sprout) with the right temperature and moisture. Sprouting may make vitamin C and some minerals more available for the body to use. Try them in homemade bread, stir fries, or pasta sauces. Learn all about sprouted grains from our nutrition expert in this AICR Health Talk column.

zucchini spirals

Spiralized Veggies

Spiralizing is a great way to use colorful veggies in novel ways, adding interest to some of your go-to meals. Swap them for pasta, add them to salads, or stir-fry for an easy side dish.

year of pulses

Pulses and Legumes

2016 is the International Year of Pulses! If you've not heard of pulses, you're not alone. Pulses include dry beans like kidney and pinto along with lentils, split peas and chickpeas.

Pulses are high in protein and fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals. Substitute for meat and add to veggie dishes, salads and even some desserts, like these Black Bean Brownies.

spices in shop

Spice Stores

Beautiful, colorful and exotic – spices catch our imagination, add amazing flavors and allow for the beginner and advanced cook to dress up simple dishes. Use spices to cut down on sodium, too. Boutique spice stores offer a huge variety along with recipes for how to use them.

restaurant salad

Plant Foods in the Spotlight

With the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines now out, plant foods like grains, beans and veggies are in the spotlight. Restaurateurs like Jose Andres are opening venues that cater specifically to vegetables, from root to tip.

2016 food trends recipe site

Food Trends in Your Kitchen

Put your favorite food trends into action in your kitchen with AICR's Healthy Recipes.

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    Published on January 7, 2016

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